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Automobile Painting in Caribou, ME

Restore Your Vehicle’s Paint Job with Beaulieu’s Garage & Body Shop

When you need quality automobile painting in Caribou, ME, rely on Beaulieu’s Garage & Body Shop. Scratches, rust, and corrosion are some of the everyday issues that affect your car’s paint job. These can cause cars to lose their value and become vulnerable to structural damage. You may just want to give your paint job a refresh, too.

No matter your situation, our experienced automobile painters are ready to handle the job. Call us today at (207) 492-2471 for our 24-hour towing service.

Skilled to Handle a Variety of Paint Jobs for Your Vehicle

We provide everything from a whole body paint job to spot paint and clear coat paint. Each is available for a wide variety of situations for your vehicle. Our painters will discuss what your needs are and come up with a plan for what fits your situation. Here are some of the variables we consider when deciding the best fit for you:

  • Accidents
  • Touch-Ups
  • What Helps Resale Value
  • Preference of the Customer
  • Safety of the Vehicle
  • Hiding Scratches and Rust
  • Corrosion Prevention

Add Beauty and Value to Your Vehicle for Every Mile

Everyone thinks about items like brakes, windows, and tires. This also includes getting oil changes, taking care of your battery, and more. But paint jobs can also go a long way toward maintaining your vehicle. Count on our precision and attention to detail for your paint job. We will help you choose the right colors to make your vehicle stand out.

24-Hour Towing Service for When You Are in Trouble

Your vehicle can deal with trouble at any time. Our towers are ready to come to you whether you were in an accident or your car broke down. Rely on us to take care of the vehicle every step of the way. Our tow trucks are ready around the clock so you can get the attention that you need quickly.

Count on Beaulieu’s Garage & Body Shop for
automobile painting in Caribou, ME.